I have long been impressed with Alicia’s ability to blend avant guard creativity with business acumen. Her end-to-end work on The Piers project epitomizes Alicia’s instinct for out-of-the box vision, coupled with tenacious implementation and skilled operational management which brought the acclaimed Le Mar Cebicheria, The Plant, Coquette and Bloomberg to San Francisco and turned a derelict water ferry waiting room and storage facility into one of the most visited locales in the Bay Area. Alicia is a skilled and collaborative professional and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.
— Monique Moyer, Former Executive Director for Port of San Francisco

When Charles (Phan) and I wanted to do HardWater on PIer 3 it seemed like the world was skeptical - the Port, BCDC, and the investment community were all difficult to convince.  Alicia’s enthusiasm and persistent support made the difference in our seeing that little dream project happen, and for that I will always be grateful.  I love working with her, for she understands and values ambitious design, and it turns out she also likes bourbon.
— Olle Lundberg, Lundberg Design

In the past 15 years, I have negotiated numerous new deals with various people. I found that the time I that worked with Alicia was easy. Alicia is fair in her negotiations as she really understands the hospitality industry and is able to come up with creative solutions time and time again.
— Charles Phan, Slanted Door

Alicia has been an invaluable asset to SFMade. From being a founding partner and Board member, to supporting our work as we have grown from a small organization to now three interrelated companies supporting more than 650 manufacturers and working across 26 Bay Area cities, to helping launch our non-profit industrial real estate development company PlaceMade, Alicia has been a tireless and passionate advocate of our work.
— Kate Sofis, Executive Director of SF Made

Alicia has served selflessly on the PlaceMade Board of Directors, providing keen real estate insights and strategic advice to our young industrial real estate non-profit. Together, we are creating affordable manufacturing space in the heart of San Francisco.
— Abbie Wertheim, Executive Director of PlaceMade

Alicia is the consummate real estate development professional. She combines vision, skills in acquisition, entitlements, and leasing with a genuine commitment to better the communities she works in.
San Francisco’s waterfront would not be what it is without the skills and perseverance of Alicia Albin. She has been the force behind the successful design, redevelopment, entitlement and leasing of such projects as Piers 11/2, 3, and 5 and Pier 24, ground-breaking public private partnerships, transforming under-utilized warehouses into vibrant, people-oriented projects.
Alicia brings value to both investors and the community in complicated development projects. She understands what it takes to entitle a project in today’s difficult environment as well as to create maximum value.
— Jim Chappell, Former Executive Director of SPUR

Alicia developed the Piers Project next to the Ferry Building, and was assuredly our most collaborative neighbor.  Alicia is the consummate Real Estate Professional. She is a team player, conscientious, detail oriented and responsible. No challenge is too great for her. Her reputation amongst Bay Area commercial real estate peers is excellent.
— Jane Connors, Equity Office Properties

I had the pleasure of working with Alicia over a ten-year period, beginning with the initial development and lease-up of The Piers and later with the negotiations of the lease renewals and the eventual sale of the project to Invesco in 2016.   Alicia possesses all the skills for producing successful development outcomes and creating significant value. Throughout our work together, Alicia constantly demonstrated not only her creativity but also her excellent abilities in entitlements, construction, finance, and leasing.  The results she produced at The Piers is the ultimate proof of her capability.   The Piers leased at some of the highest rents and achieved one of the highest sale values in San Francisco history.
— John Cecconi, CBRE

As a Partner with SOM for over three decades, I have had the opportunity to work with many of the most accomplished developers in the US.  Alicia Esterkamp Allbin is one of them. Allbin combines creativity, authenticity and a deep network of industry relationships with a fundamental understanding of the needs of cities and communities, the economics that underlay those needs and the means to build a successful political, social and economic outcomes. In an era in which real estate development can be extremely divisive, Allbin listens and builds consensus. She brings all these factors together in making real estate projects that are authentically of their community, that create life through creative tenant mixes and programs and that harness the power of design to create lasting value.
— Craig Hartman, SOM

A unique combination of attention to design detail and understanding of visionary place-making, Alicia Allbin understands this delicate balance as an urban developer.
A Lifestyle Guru, Alicia Allbin possess a unique ability of creating space, guiding audience and improving health and welfare for Californian’s. Combining well designed architectural space, curating retail, providing world class culinary experiences, Alicia Esterkamp Allbin is a lifestyle designer who would add relevance to any project large or small.

As the former President of the San Francisco Planning Commission and the San Francisco Port Commission, Alicia Esterkamp Allbin, possess a balance of historical preservation, development and a tasteful design sense.
— Rodney Fong, Planning Commissioner, Former Port Commissioner

As a longtime member of San Francisco Heritage’s Board of Directors — and through her own development projects — Alicia has worked to safeguard and enhance our city’s unique architectural and cultural legacy. In addition to contributing her balanced and thoughtful perspective on issues ranging from advocacy to nonprofit governance, Alicia has been a leader on the board in championing innovative new initiatives to help assure that our mission touches and resonates with all San Franciscans. 
— Mike Buhler, President & CEO, San Francisco Heritage

Having served with Alicia on numerous boards over the last ten years I can attest to Alicia’s deep rooted sense of place and passion for the unique. Whether it is creating places for people to live, work or play or cultivating a small non-profit Alicia’s work and philanthropy combines the appropriate amount of creativity and insight filtered through the lens of the possible. Alicia’s willingness to listen and actually translate that message into action are attributes that serve her clients and the broader community well. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with Alicia and hope to continue forward for a long time to come.
— Jon Knorpp, SF Giants